Sunday, February 25, 2018

So about 2017

I started this blog almost 3 months ago, I know, I know.  How can I just let it sit for that long?!  So many precious moments just waiting to be told but tonight all you get are great moments as captured behind my phone or camera.  
This kid lights up our lives and I hope he will light up many others with his kindness, smile, gratitude, thoughtfulness and hugs.  I hope and pray that the values we instill in him will mold him to an amazing man, a man of God, for his family and for his life.  That he will realize how precious each moment is and how blessed he has been.
He can be funny and at times witty, catching us in our moments to realize "hey you have to follow through on what you say."  He is such a big helper, even at times getting slow to it or just wanting to leave it for later just like some of us.
As of recent his prayers have captured us.  He will push off bedtime by having a 5 minute prayer or asking for another snack as he grips his belly.  But when he actually talks to God, its amazing how much he realizes and is engaged in thankfulness.  After thanking God for all his stuffed animal friends (by name and one by one), for Disney World, he also thanks God for keeping him warm, for food, for loving him.  He thanks God for us, his parents.  While each prayer is different his sentiment and seriousness remains the same.  

Camp Ocean during our cruise, was a hit for Conor.  So much that he cried the first day when we went to pick him up for lunch.

We kicked off Advent celebration with a day at Reds Fest. While there were some autographs there was just as much play time.

Rolling cookies during Advent.

Very first happy meal. Trying to get back home in a heavy snow fall.

Matinee of a movie we had already seen without Darren was still just as enjoyable the second time around.

Christmas game help.

Thursday, September 28, 2017


This summer has been pretty awesome.  We have had a lot of fun in the odd ups and downs of the weather.  Conor is growing and learning, so much.  He has come a long way from keeping to himself to playing along with his friends from school and his frequent play date friends.  We went to the park, zoo, out of state and back, watched Darren run among a few other adventures.

Another autograph line done.

Such a great helper. 

Conor always looks for this fish on the carousel.

Lots of bike rides.

 First baseball set.
Found out we like how cotton candy looks but not a fan of the texture.

First concert, Natalie Grant and Jeremy Camp.

First fair rides.

Another year in Toronto.

Found a great train museum near the CN Tower.

Glass floor at the CN Tower.

I visited school a couple times, this particular day was for water fun.

Shagging balls at the Reds kids area.