Thursday, September 28, 2017


This summer has been pretty awesome.  We have had a lot of fun in the odd ups and downs of the weather.  Conor is growing and learning, so much.  He has come a long way from keeping to himself to playing along with his friends from school and his frequent play date friends.  We went to the park, zoo, out of state and back, watched Darren run among a few other adventures.

Another autograph line done.

Such a great helper. 

Conor always looks for this fish on the carousel.

Lots of bike rides.

 First baseball set.
Found out we like how cotton candy looks but not a fan of the texture.

First concert, Natalie Grant and Jeremy Camp.

First fair rides.

Another year in Toronto.

Found a great train museum near the CN Tower.

Glass floor at the CN Tower.

I visited school a couple times, this particular day was for water fun.

Shagging balls at the Reds kids area.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017


Today is Conor's THIRD birthday and I was thinking about the long birth that I endured to the moment when we found out we had a boy.  And although it took us a long time from hospital admittance to meeting him, it was a huge day in the fact that all the anticipation was going to come to an end.
Then I started thinking how people always say, "Where has the time gone?!" And I was thinking to myself I don't feel that wow moment of my son growing up but rather I was thinking about how up and down of a morning we had and also about all the fun stuff we have done together and the many memories we have had since he arrived.
While today was rough, and now that he is in bed I know that the good outweighs the bad and my sweet tooth, train loving, Toby Mac singing (we have listened to one album on replay for a couple months now) big cheesing little boy has helped us make some pretty amazing memories.
Conor has been singing happy birthday to himself for a few weeks now and making cakes from fruit or veggie straws and loved that we sang to him today before our sweet treat of birthday cake.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Once again

We are back to that point in the year, tax season has begun and the long hours have started.  But leading up to this week we have had so much fun and every moment has been treasured.  I have enjoyed "Fun Friday's" with Conor this whole month not including the fun with Thanksgiving and Christmas.  (I have totally slacked on posting but have taken so many photos, when I have not been relishing in the moments).

Conor continues to bring us so much joy, laughter and exhaustion.  He has definitely tested us and pushed the limits as we continue to teach boundaries.  Conor is hilarious in so many little ways and can give me passionate kisses after reading way more than 2 books each night.  Conor loves to read, he makes up his own stories and flips through the pages making up his own translation and just like books he enjoys his treats.  So much that we have to hide them, he definitely has a sweet tooth.

Conor got quite sick in early December with a virus that turned into an ear infection.  He would not let us out of his sight for very long and also wanted to be held, which we happily obliged.

This year I used my fancy camera I broke in my fancy camera that I got for my birthday from Darren and took Christmas/half birthday photos of Conor.  This kid can really be a goof.

Before Christmas we enjoyed quite a few activities during Advent.  Motorized train ride was a lot of fun and watching the miniature trains was a great distraction until boarding time. 

Puzzles of all shapes have been a great activity for these colder nights, no more the 45 pieces each to save our sanity.

At the beginning of the year we enjoyed a family lunch downtown and then Jingle Rails for some fun train watching and activities.

Conor has been obsessed with Minions for quite awhile now, one of his gifts has become his bedtime cuddle buddy.

R2-D2 snow boots made their appearance when we had flurries one morning.

I picked up Conor early one day and he was filling his belly with afternoon snack.  

We even got to spend some fun time with Aunt Shana and cousin Luke, the boys exerted a lot of energy.  But don't worry, he still fought his nap afterwards and ended up needing an early bedtime.

We are already counting down the days to more Fun Friday's!

Friday, October 14, 2016

Catching up

It's been awhile but we have been so busy.  The last 4 months have been filled with travel, fun, exhaustion and continual change.  Conor is now immersed in school-but drop off reminds me just how much he needs/wants me, sleeping in a toddler bed, running faster and making us keep up.

Conor ran a 70 yard race-shoeless and shirtless.  We have taken several trips to the zoo, walking and playing in the splash pad but I think Conor's favorite part has to be just sitting on the train or riding the carousel.  We always take the time to stop and smell the flowers, hopefully not killing them in the process.  Littles have strong grips.

Here is our summer in photos.